Ailang (Chongqing) International Trade Co., Ltd. is the exclusive general agent of ASWF Airy Window Film in China. The company has experienced nearly several years of wind and rain development, forming a product system mainly consisting of automotive insulation window films, building insulation window films, automotive paint protection films, and other products. At present, the sales network covers 31 provinces across the country, with customer groups including vehicle manufacturers, 4S groups, channel merchants, car beauty shops, etc., forming a relatively complete sales channel and a nationwide sales network system.
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    Choose A heathier film
    When the inferior film is exposed to the scorching sun, the organic substances in the glue will be r ...
    Why is the window film not green?
    High-quality films are all metallic primary colors, no green, because no inorganic matter in nature ...
    On the Self-Cultivation of Car Film
    I am LBEE Membrane, from Ailang (Chongqing) International Trade Co., LTD. I can achieve more than 99 ...
    Good film can save fuel and electric
    Applying a good film can not only save fuel, but also make our car interior items not easy to fade a ...

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