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Chairman's speech

Thank you very much to people from all walks of life and agents from various provinces, cities, and counties across the country for providing strong support and care to the brand of ASWF Eli high-quality automotive insulation film under Ailang (Chongqing) International Trade Co., Ltd. in the United States.

Ailang Chongqing International Trade Co., Ltd. was established in May 2017 and is located in the China (Chongqing) Import and Export Free Trade Pilot Zone. It is a collection of goods and technology import and export; Wholesale and distribution of automotive decorative products in China; A large multinational enterprise engaged in the agency sales of home building materials and edible agricultural products.

Looking back at the development process of the company, we always walk with trials and challenges, always remember our responsibilities and missions, and also feel honored and proud at all times. We have won a group of loyal customers with our high-quality and efficient services, enjoyed high brand awareness, and won the top ten competitive brands of thermal insulation film in China's automotive service industry; Annual Product Innovation Award; The top three products of automotive insulation film have won multiple awards.

Achievements have laid the foundation for the past, and we need to double our efforts in the future. Utilize our products: imported from the United States with original packaging; The unparalleled thermal insulation advantages of automotive glass film in China; The three major advantages of taking the lead in introducing cutting-edge laser marking and rolling password technology anti-counterfeiting measures to protect consumers' legal rights and interests. We are committed to leading the healthy and harmonious development of the Chinese automotive film market.

Looking at China's current economic environment, the impact of the internet, disorderly competition in the industry, and the misleading nature of counterfeit and inferior products. Physical stores are facing a serious survival crisis. Transformation and upgrading are urgent!

To break through the bottleneck, break through the cocoon and become a butterfly, and achieve sustainable and healthy development. All physical stores must rationally choose more high-quality and effective brands, and enhance the sense of responsibility and service. Then change from static to dynamic and establish an equity based incentive mechanism and a platform based group model.

At the same time, I sincerely appeal to the bosses in the industry to adhere to the principle of quality orientation, environmental protection as the foundation, self-centeredness, and mutual supervision, to produce functional products that are needed by Old Baixin, and environmentally friendly products that are beneficial to health. This is our best career path and life path!

The size of one's mind determines the size of one's career. As the most advanced Magnetron sputtering automotive insulation film brand in the world, American Airy film should bear in mind its responsibilities and stick to its integrity. Create excellent enterprises and make conscientious products! In the future, the Eri people will continue to use their embrace of embracing all rivers, their spirit of standing tall and steadfast, and their concept of seeking truth and innovation to jointly realize their dreams with employees, enhance value with customers, and win social respect with the industry!

USA Lead Technology Int'l Inc
+1 (626) 554-9217
c/o Law Offices of Scott Warmuth; 17700 Castleton St Suite 168; 91748 City of Industry; CA

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